Ecowater Distillers - Produce Pure water, bacteria and virus free

EcoWater Countertop 
Ultra Water Purifier/Distiller 

Why Waste Your Money On Old Technology

WaterWise Distillers produce 100% pure water, bacteria, and virus free.Only The NEW WaterWise 8800 Purifer/Distiller Has:

Added capacity with state-of-the-art digital control! 

Reduce Chlorine, Fluoride, Iron, Sodium, Arsenic, Lead, Bacteria, Viruses, and more.

Safe, Quality Water for Your Family...
Pure and Simple!

Control Panel

WaterWise Distiller Control Panel Photo

  • Electronic Clock/Timer/Monitor Major Breakthrough, No More Guessing... Gives you distilled water when you want it.
  • Convenient LCD readout displays time of day, auto start, and filter change indicator.
  • Dripless Stop and Serve feature lets you enjoy purified water from the carafe anytime.
  • Reduces lead, arsenic, nitrates, sodium, and chromium VI.
  • Eliminates Cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), bacteria, and viruses.
  • Reduces 99% of total dissolved solids.
  • Produces up to 6 gallons of pure water per day or 1 gal/4 hrs.
  • 800 Watts of power, plugs into any standard outlet.
  • Deluxe water purifier with carbon filters. After the water is distilled it is run through an additional carbon filter giving you the best tasting pure water you have ever drank.
  • Includes carbon filter.
  • Includes an attractive one gallon serving carafe that fits in your refrigerator - looks great on the table, too!

One Gallon Carafe

WaterWise Distiller One Gallon Carafe Photo

    Tech Data...

  • Operating temperature -
    35-110 degrees (2-43 degreesC)
  • Pressure - Atmospheric pressure
  • Rating - 120 VAC/60 Hz/800W
  • Filling volume - 1 gallon
  • Production capacity 6 gal. per day.
  • Dimensions 14.5" width x 15.0" 
  • height x 10.5'' depth
  • Weight 13 lbs.
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The Taste Of The Water 
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  • WaterWise 8800 Purifer
  • $499.97

  • This Month's Special $399.95
    Not a strippped down unit.
  • Includes
  • Carbon Filter
  • One Gallon Serving Carafe

  • Fast FedEx Ground Insured
  • U.S. Shipping $28.50
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  • Recommended Package...

  • WaterWise 8800 Purifer
  • Not a strippped down unit.
  • Includes:
  • Carbon Filter.
  • One Gallon Serving Carafe
  • PLUS SAVE $6.00
  • 12oz WaterWise Distiller Cleaner $18.00 
  • 411.97 Plus $28.50 U.S. Shipping. 
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What Is A Water Distiller?

Water distillers use the most effective method of water purification: distillation. 

Water is boiled, killing bacteria and viruses, then vaporized to separate out minerals, lead, bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. 

The vapor is then condensed back into liquid form that is 99.9% pure. 

Distillers eliminate the cost and inconvenience of buying bottled water, and help maximize the life of water-using appliances such as coffee makers, steam irons and humidifiers by preventing mineral build-up. 

Maximizes your life too!

You’re looking at the most popular purifier/distiller—and for good reason! At the push of a button, you can program the Model 8800 to have 100% steam distilled water ready in the morning for a great tasting cup of coffee or tea. The carafe fits handily in the refrigerator for cool water enjoyment. This compact, countertop distiller also goes with you as you travel, ready to refresh your family with sparkling clean water.

You’ll love the ease of use and programmable convenience of the Model 8800. Simply fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the start button and soon you’ll have pure, healthful water for all your cooking and drinking needs. The electronic monitor with its multifunction LCD readout displays the time of day, has a programmable, time-delayed start-up feature, and lets you know when to change the carbon filter.

At last... great tasting, 
pure water your family 
can trust.

WaterWise 8800 Purifer conforms to ANSI/NSF standard 62 for the specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test data.

WaterWise 8800 Purifer is the unit most recommended by
health professionals, health ministers
and nutritionists around the globe.

The Hallelujah Diet promotes drinking distilled water to aid the body in removing toxic substances from our bodies. Hallelujah Acers counselors recommend this WaterWise Distiller. 

Distilled water is the world's best solvent, removing inorganic minerals and toxic chemicals that have accumulated over the years of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Also, distilled water is best for hydrating the cells of the body and brain for good health.

Urgent News Flash!
FOX, CNN reports terrorist have a plan to put virus/bacteria in our water supply. Protect your family now. Use only safe, pure distilled water for cooking and drinking. And don't forget your pets...
Better safe than sorry!
"There is only one water that is clean, -- steam distilled water.  No other substance on our planet does so much to keep us healthy and get us well as water does." 
James F. Balch, MD
Dietary Wellness  1993

Ecowater distiller produce 100% pure water, bacteria, and virus free

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